North West Contemporary

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4,500 SF single family home, new constriction architectural and interior design services.
Designed for a young family with a need for a home operated business and long term visitors.
The 500 Sf basement home-office provides the separation between the live and work spaces while meeting needs of a business owner/mom to be present in day-to-day activities. An additional ground floor master welcomes long term gusts to feel welcomed and giving them privacy.
Two-furnace heating system together with the solid construction and insulation, quality windows strategically located to take advantage of the site location and sun exposures made this not so small home to be more efficient than most efficient neighbors. Sustainable practices don’t necessary mean using expensive systems.
This house has replaced four times smaller 50 year old rambler yet is using less power and gas then its predecessor. The owners have re-used all the materials that were reusable from the previous house in addition to bamboo floors, high efficiency furnaces, thankless water heater etc., to achieve their goals of efficiency. Sustainable is not out of reach. It is all about strategy.


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